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Print-related topics are discussed in depth on this page, and links to pieces Jasper has written for external publications will be posted here. 

Just click on a title in blue below.  And be sure to check back regularly as content is added.

What are prints?  And why are they important?

(for technical processes please see the GlOSSARY of Print Terms)

FAKE or FORTUNE:  Do YOU have a genuine antique print at home?  Or do you suspect a reproduction?  Our simple GUIDE can help you discover the GENUINE article

Old Prints of Country Houses  (first appeared in Historic House, the HHA Magazine)

The cross-border interplay of original art and print:  Something Fishy in Revolutionary New York  (for the ABA Newsletter January 2016)

Georgian satire: the shock of the old  article for the Books, Maps & Prints supplement to the Antiques Trade Gazette (cover dated 26th March 2016)